Saturday, March 26, 2005

Town Hall Meeting Schedule

Let's keep the heat on Senselessbrenner. Please attend as many townhall meetings as you can and make him answer your tough questions! It helps to come prepared with a couple of questions. You will need to sign in and indicate that you want to ask a question. The recent town halls were standing room only - you will want to arrive early!

Saturday, April 9
9:00am New Berlin City Hall

Sunday, April 10
7:00pm Brookfield Public Safety Building

Monday, April 11
7:00pm West Allis Public Library

Saturday, April 23
9:00am Glendale North Shore Public Library
1:00pm Menomonee Falls Village Hall

Sunday, April 24
7:00pm Hartford City Hall

Monday, April 25
7:00pm Elm Grove Village Hall

Saturday, April 30
9:00am Germantown Village Hall
1:00pm Grafton Village Hall

Sunday, May 1
7:00pm Mequon Public Safety Building

Saturday, May 21
9:00am Delafield Town Hall
1:00pm Brown Deer Public Library

Sunday, May 22
7:00pm Hartland Village Hall

Sunday, June 5
7:00pm Thiensville Village Hall

Sunday, June 12
7:00pm Slinger Village Hall

Sunday, June 26
7:00pm Pewaukee City Hall


Anonymous said...

James Sensenbrenner is really an evil Man. He looks like a real monster! I have never seen an ugly evil like him. He must not be hold this office in the congress. We need to kick him out of the office. He resemble to Hitler’s Propaganda Chief. He is a real shame for our American Society.

Please post more about him and his evil work. He is an evil, Satan, Racist and monster creature in a human form! He is not even a human being. It’s just his look but not his face. You can see that on his face – It is not a human face! I am really surprise people who voted for him! Who are those people? How do they look like? Are they really White KKK Racist evil members!

Let’s work together and kick him out of the office.

rayanne said...

On the immigrant issue people on the other comments are down right, he is nothing but a racist for his convenience. Take Kimberly-Clark products. How many immigrants do you think he has working in the companies and how many immigrants do you think put money in his pocket by buying his products. He is an hier to the Kimberly-Clark Production

rayanne said...

Let's boycott all the products that Kimberly-Clark produces and hit him where it hurts him the most. His pocket. I will post the name of his products monday June 5th