Friday, June 13, 2008

Let the unemployed eat cake!

From Scot Ross at One Wisconsin Now:
Gazillionaire Kotex heir F. Jim Sensenbrenner spent today doing his best to keep Wisconsinites who have lost their jobs because of the endless Bush economic policies he has supported away from extended unemployment benefits.

Sensenbrenner, famously characterized by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone as…well, read the story here, was the only member of the Wisconsin House delegation to vote against a plan to extend unemployment benefits for workers by 13 weeks.

This despite the jobless rate skyrocketing by the largest percentage in over 20 years and despite the fact 325,000 jobs have been lost so far due to the failed Bush economy.

F. Jim’s birthday is this Saturday. How appropriate his message to Wisconsin’s unemployed is “let ‘em cake.”


Anonymous said...

What an ass. This man should be recalled and thrown to the wolves. I would be embarassed to say he is a part of the American Citizen public. Get off your pompass A** and get a real job. I hope your birthday cake is spoiled like you are spoiling the publics birthdays who can not afford cake.

grumps said...

He probably believes that it's a mental unemployment.

Brian said...

Sensenbrenner has a point. Why spend more money when the economy is going to hell. Some people will have to suffer through all of this... you can't make a recession comfortable for everyone forever. You are all giddy about giving free handouts to everyone but you wouldn't be willing to give up half your pay to support jobless Americans.

You also throw in there "the failed Bush economy". Last time I checked, the economy was brought down by some poor lending and mortgage judgments. Just because a Republican was in office at the time of the ordeal does not make it his fault. Just wait and see how things shape up in the first four years of Obama. We WILL all be paying higher taxes, own less goods, and have less freedoms. You may laugh now and call me a fool now but I'm going to say "I told you so" in a couple years.