Thursday, July 10, 2008

Crossover time?

While fielding a candidate for nearly all 99 Assembly seats, Wisconsin Democrats did not find an opponent against Jim Sensenbrenner for the Congressional seat he's held for 30 years. But he has a Republican primary and an independent in November.

There is a hot Democratic Assembly primary for Sheldon Wasserman's seat, so that may keep those Democrats in their own primary. Those northern suburbs are probably the most Democratic part of the district, but that's only about 10 per cent of the voters.

But what an opportunity for the other 90 per cent of the Dems to vote against F. Jim, in the privacy of an open primary voting booth.

In practice, however, many people find it very difficult to vote in the opposing party's primary, even if there is no good reason to vote in their own. When they do, they generally vote for the candidate they like the best, not to try to do any malicious damage.

It looks like Big Jim probably skates again.

Here's the Journal Sentinel story.