Monday, November 21, 2011

Sensenbrenner blasts Ryan on balanced budget vote

Big Jim Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin Congressman from hell, goes after those who voted against a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution:

My  colleagues ... who voted against this amendment are either  burying their heads in the sand or trying to misrepresent this effort  to score political points.

Thing is -- and this has got to be somewhat embarrassing for Big Jim -- one of the "no" votes was from his side of the aisle. A guy from Wisconsin.  A buddy of his. A guy named Paul Ryan.

More at The Paul Ryan Watch.



Friday, May 13, 2011

Ryan and Sensenbrenner, sitting in a tree

Who knew? Jamie Sensenbrenner and Paulie Ryan BFF? From a Fox6 gusher about Ryan:

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin's longest tenured member of Congress, pushed Ryan to run for Congress...

One of the lessons Sensenbrenner taught Ryan early on was to approach the serious job with a sense of humor. Sensenbrenner said, "Not only do the two of us have a sense of humor, but we're very good friends.". The two now say they work more closely together than any two members of congress. They frequently go out to dinner, and even exchange gag gifts every Christmas.

Sensenbrenner says, "I gave him for Christmas, a pooping reindeer that pooped out brown candy...I got the cow-talytic converter, because we spent thousands of tax payer dollars trying to investigate bovine flatulence, and we know a lot about that in Wisconsin.
That explains a lot. Heartless Jim Sensenbrenner -- the guy who voted against relief for hurricane victims in New Orleans -- would throw grandma out of the lift raft in a second. Maybe he's the brains behind Ryan's Medicare plan, otherwise known as the Republican Road to Ruin.