Thursday, November 08, 2007

We didn't say it

Sensenbrenner "is your basic Fat Evil Prick. . . . He has the requisite moist-with-sweat pink neck, the dour expression, the penchant for pointless bile and vengefulness."
Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone did in his new book, Smells Like Dead Elephants: Dispatches From a Rotting Empire.

Baltimore City Paper has more.


Jack Lohman said...

Personal attacks aside, Sensenbrenner simply doesn't represent his people and very much represents those who fund the Republican campaigns. He needs to be replaced in 2008. See his record at

Jack Lohman

Syclone0044 said...

You got that damn straight. Sensenbrenner sure as HELL doesn't represent ME even though I am one of his constituents. What I find particularly preposterous are his astonishingly ANTI-CONSUMER Pro-Hollywood bills regarding Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) and other so called software "copy protection" schemes that don't actually reduce copying, but rather inconvenience legitimate customers to provoke them into purchasing the same product more than once.

Which constituents of yours could possibly have asked for legislation like this, Jim?