Monday, June 23, 2008

Sensenbrenner's stamp collection

equals Gwen Moore's net worth

Apparently tired of running the same story -- "Herb Kohl richest in Wisconsin delegation" -- every year, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel instead decided to write that all Wisconsin members of Congress are better off than the average Wisconsinite.

They led with Gwen Moore, "the least wealthy member of Wisconsin's congressional delegation", saying correctly that her $170,000 salary and the pension she will receive makes her better off than her constituents:
Moore estimates her net worth is at least $110,000 - almost double the median household net worth in the country in 2002, the most recent census figures available.
The paper was so busy telling us how well off Moore is that you had to read the small print in a box next to the story to find this:
Jim Sensenbrenner owns a stamp collection worth $110,000.
His stamp collection equals her net worth. For some reason, Sensenbrenner's net worth didn't even make the story, although all of the others' did. The Center for Responsive Politics pegs it between $21-million and $31-million.

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Anonymous said...

Um whats your point. There are lots of very rich democrats. John Kerry for instance. And he has things way more valuable than stamp collections. Your new nickname is Stamp collection fixation.